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Top 4 Reasons to Use a CPA

Here are the top 4 reasons to use Charles King as your CPA.

1. I am always here for you – you will be working with same person all year (not just during tax season). You don’t have to take time off work or away from your business because you can get an appointment with me in the evenings or on weekends.

2. You are hiring a tax professional – you would feel much better about your tax filing knowing it was done correctly, wouldn’t you? CPAs are knowledgeable and licensed by the state at highest level. By law, CPAs must keep current with in-depth training about tax preparation and the latest changes in tax law.

3. You deserve the best IRS help and representation – you can also feel better knowing that I am licensed to represent you to the IRS. In the unlikely event that you are audited (I will help you avoid that as well) I will be sitting down with the IRS and answering questions about the return. Not you.

4. You gain a valuable personal and business financial advisor – I am networked with other professionals – real estate agents, attorneys, bankers, and brokers. A team of professionals who will get you to your financial goals.

Remember, getting professional tax return preparation that includes e-filing of sales tax, state tax, and federal tax returns is important. And after filing your taxes you can finally get your financial house in order.

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